Drea Summer


In 2009, Drea and her family moved to Canada, where she spent her formative years going to
school and continuing to grow as a musician, a writer and a person in the Northshore. Being in an
extremely academic environment, Drea dedicated most of her high-school career making sure she
had the right grades to go to university. Although she continued to write and play music, she
maintained it in her private life as a way of coping with changing from one country to another, and
with “being a really angsty teenager”.

During her senior year, Drea rekindled some contacts she had left behind in Mexico City, and began
the process of working on her first debut EP, Mariposa Monarca, in collaboration with Mónica Vélez.
When the EP was released, she decided that she wanted to pursue music at a professional level;
she packed up her bags, moved to Toronto and began studying at The Harris Institute of the Arts.
Drea continues to write bilingually and is constantly trying to evolve to find new sounds; moving to
Toronto and becoming independent has not only given her a lot of life experience but it has also
exposed her to new music and artist that have inspired her immensely. Although she knows that her
roots lie in the ‘singer-songwriter/ acoustic’ genre; she is extremely optimistic and excited about her
growth in her musical identity and new projects to come.